Pokémon TCG Sword & Shield VSTAR Premium Trainer Box (Japanese)

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Pokémon Star Birth is made up of 100 cards plus Secret Rares, and is the first Pokémon set to introduce the VSTAR mechanic. Pokémon VSTAR evolve from Pokémon V boosting their hit points and attack power. VSTAR Pokémon are also given an exclusive VSTAR Power that can be used once per game, this power can come in the form of a new attack or ability. Pokémon Star Birth also introduces the first Charizard VSTAR card to the celebrated TCG. The Pokémon VSTAR Premium Trainer Box holds 20 Pokémon Star Birth expansion packs, containing five cards each. Additionally, each VSTAR Premium Trainer Box contains one card storage box, one Pokémon coin, one VSTAR marker, one acrylic damage counter set, one premium condition marker, and one damage counter dice. The Pokémon VSTAR Premium Trainer Box was first released on January 14th, 2021 for a retail price of $52. This is a Japanese language Pokémon product.
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