Pokémon TCG Sword & Shield Expansion Pack S7D Skyscraping Perfection Booster Box (Japanese)

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The Pokémon Skyscraping Perfection Booster Box is part of the Japanese Pokémon card dual set Skyscraping Perfection/Blue Sky Stream that introduces new triple rarity cards to the celebrated TCG in the form of Rayquaza VMAX and Duraludon VMAX. The Skyscraping Perfection subset is composed of 67 cards, not including Secret Rares. Skyscraping Perfection is one half of the seventh main expansion in the Sword & Shield era of the Japanese Pokémon TCG. The Pokémon Skyscraping Perfection Booster Box comes in the standard Japanese format with 30 Pokémon Skyscraping Perfection Booster Packs that each hold five cards. The subset centers around the Alloy Pokémon Duraludon. Pokémon Skyscraping Perfection/Blue Sky Stream first released on July 9, 2021.
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