Pokémon TCG Sword & Shield Evolving Skies Pokémon Center Elite Trainer Box (Flareon/Jolteon/Umbreon/Leafeon)

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Pokémon Evolving Skies brings together cards found in the Japanese Pokémon card sets Eevee Heroes and Skyscraping Perfection/Blue Sky Stream to make up most of its checklist. Evolving Skies is the seventh main expansion released as part of the Sword & Shield series and brings Dragon-type Pokémon back to the trading card game for the first time since Cosmic Eclipse featured them in 2019. Look for fan-favorite dragons such as Duraludon, Rayquazqa, and Dragonite. This Pokémon Evolving Skies Elite Trainer Box Pokémon Center Exclusive comes loaded with ten Evolving Skies booster packs, 65 card sleeves featuring several of the Eeveelutions, 45 Pokémon TCG Energy cards, six damage counter dice, one coin-flip die, two acrylic condition markers, a collector’s box, and more. Pokémon Evolving Skies officially released on August 27, 2021, with the Pokémon Center Exclusive Elite Trainer Box selling for a retail price of $50 USD. This is an English Language Pokémon product.
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