Kobe Bryant 1996 Topps Rookie #138

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The Kobe Bryant 1996-97 Topps Rookie is one of the most recognizable base rookies cards of the Black Mamba. In the 1996 NBA Draft, Kobe was selected 13th overall by the Charlotte Hornets straight out of Lower Merion High School in Philadelphia but was subsequently traded to the Los Angeles Lakers on draft night. For the next two decades, Kobe played the game of basketball with unmatched intensity and dedication, winning five championships and one NBA MVP award among other accolades, becoming a cultural icon. Playing alongside Shaquille ONeal and Paul Gasol at different points of his career, while echoeing the playing style of Michael Jordan, Kobe created an everlasting legacy for himself on the court. Off the court, Kobe was a global ambassador for the sport, successful in business as an investor, and even won an Oscar for one of his many creative masterpieces post-retirement.
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