2020 Pokemon Sun & Moon Burning Shadows Booster Box

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Pokémon Burning Shadows is the third main expansion in the Pokémon Sun & Moon Series and continues to add more Pokémon-GX to the Pokémon TCG. The checklist is made up of 169 total cards, 22 of which are Secret Rares. The main chase card in Burning shadows is the Charizard-GX Full Art Rainbow Foil Secret Rare, but there is also a Charizard-GX Regular Rare included in the set as well. The Pokémon Sun & Moon Burning Shadows Booster Box holds 36 Burning Shadows Booster Packs that hold 10 cards each. Pokémon Burning Shadows released on August 4, 2017. This is an English Language Pokémon product.
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