2020 Panini Score Football Hobby Box


Score Base utilizes dynamic action photography to create a classic look that is sure to be favorite with collectors.
- Base Scorecard
- Base Showcase #’d/100
- Base Gold Zone #’d/50
- Base Artist’s Proof #’d/35
- Base Red Zone #’d/20
- Base First Down #’d/10
- Base End Zone #’d/6
- Base Gem Masters One-of-One

One of many parallels, Base First Down utilizes the same dynamic action photography as the base set, but with a pylon orange border. With a print run out of 10, Base First Down will be one of the very first cards collectors try to get their hands on for the 2020 season.

Score Rookies offers collectors their first chance at getting their favorite new rookies’ first official rookie card.
- Rookies Scorecard
- Rookies Showcase #’d/100
- Rookies Gold Zone #’d/50
- Rookies Artist’s Proof #’d/35
- Rookies Red Zone #’d/20
- Rookies First Down #’d/10
- Rookies End Zone #’d/6
- Rookies Gem Masters One-of-One

Base Signatures utilizes the same dynamic action photography as the Base, creating a classic signature card for some of the top veteran talent in the NFL.
- Base Signatures Gold Zone Max/50
- Base Signatures Red Zone Max/20
- Base Signatures End Zone Max/6
- Base Signatures Gem Master One-of-One

Rookie Signatures offers collectors of both college and NFL a unique chance to get their hands on the rookie’s first official rookie signature card, while still showcasing the player’s college team.
- Rookie Signatures Gold Zone #’d/50
- Rookie Signatures Artist’s Proof #’d/35
- Rookie Signatures Red Zone #’d/20
- Rookies Signatures First Down #’d/10
- Rookies Signatures End Zone #’d/6
- Rookie Signatures Gem Masters One-of-One
- Rookie Signatures Printing Plates One-of-One

A new insert to Score, Intergalactic uses new and improved lenticular technology to create a truly stand alone case hit. Featuring the best veteran players in the NFL, Intergalactic is sure to be a chase for collectors throughout the cosmos.

Some obstacles can be avoided, others you have to just break through. This insert showcases the players who have taken the biggest steps toward NFL stardom.
- Breakthrough Showcase #’d/100
- Breakthrough Gold Zone #’d/50
- Breakthrough End Zone #’d/6
- Breakthrough Gem Masters One-of-One

When you need a catch, look to the All-Hands Team. All-Hands Team focuses on the league’s most exciting pass-catchers and highlights 2019’s most spectacular catches.
- All-Hands Team
- All-Hands Team Showcase #’d/100
- All-Hands Team Gold Zone #’d/50
- All-Hands Team Red Zone #’d/25
- All-Hands Team Gem Masters One-of-One

Some players burst onto the scene, others go Under the Radar. Under the Radar highlights some of the best up-and-coming players the NFL has to offer.
- Under the Radar
- Under the Radar Showcase #’d/100
- Under the Radar Gold Zone #’d/50
- Under the Radar End Zone #’d/6
- Under the Radar Gem Masters One-of-One

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