2020 Panini Phoenix Football 16 Box Case

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2020 Panini Phoenix Football 16 Box Case

Product Summary:

- Back for the 2020 NFL season, Phoenix is packed with more Opti-Chrome than ever before! Find one of the hottest brands back on shelves with 2 autos and 1 mem per box on average!

- Chase the biggest autographs of the 2020 NFL Rookie Class in three auto/mem inserts: RPS Rookie Auto Jersey, RPS Rookie Auto Dual Jersey, and Rising Rookie Material Signatures! Find spectacular prime versions of these cards and special versions of Rising Rookie that feature pieces of gloves, helmet, and NFL footballs!

- Hunt for brand-new case hit inserts, En Feugo, Regeneration, and Phoenician.

- Find pieces of authentic NFL memorabilia in RPS Memorabilia, Jumbo Memorabilia and Veteran Materials! These inserts feature some of the top players in the NFL and contain parallels as rare as Super Prime 1/1!

- Look for brand new inserts like Phoenix Fabrics, Star Signs, Rising Star Signatures, Flame Throwers, Hot Routes, Fire Forged and Game Over.

Inside The Box:

- 2 autographs

- 1 memorabilia card

- 12 parallels

- 12 rookies

- 9 inserts

Product Configuration:

- 5 cards per pack

- 12 packs per box

- 16 boxes per case

Product Details:

Phoenix Football features a 100-card base set that features veterans from all 32 NFL teams. 

Look for 13 color parallels in the base set.

Rookies features 100 of the top players from the historically talented 2020 NFL Draft! 

Look for sequentially numbered parallel versions.

Rookie Autographs is a auto variation of the Rookie set, featuring SP parallels this is a set collectors will be sure to hunt.

On average, each box of Phoenix delivers at least one rookie autographed memorabilia card.

Be on the hunt for the other versions of RPS Rookie Auto Jersey.

Collect dual-swatch autos of some of the top rookies in the 2020 NFL Draft! 

These stunners are all loaded with memorabilia and authentic autographs.

Look for sequentially numbered parallel versions.

Rising Rookie Material Signature features 30 players with special swatches of material such as footballs, gloves and helmets! 

All versions of Rising Rookie Material Signature are sequentially numbered to 149 or less, and feature the special 1/1 versions.

Brand new in 2020, Phoenix Fabrics features the top rookies from the 2020 draft class in this memorabilia set.

A sure fire hit, En Fuego is one of three brand new case hit inserts for Phoenix Football.

Beautifully designed with a unique die-cut, En Fuego features the best players in the NFL, including some of the top rookies from this year’s draft class. 

En Fuego is certian to be one of the hottest cards this year!

A brand new auto set for Phoenix, Star Signs features some of the biggest names in the game, Veteran or Rookie, Star Signs has something for all collectors.

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