2020 Magic: The Gathering TCG Jumpstart Booster Box

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Magic: The Gathering Jumpstart introduces a new way to play the TCG that mashes together themes that have been seen throughout the history of the storied TCG. Jumpstart allows you to skip deckbuilding by simply grabbing two booster packs and shuffling them together, that is all it takes to get started! Each Magic: The Gathering Jumpstart Booster Box contains 24 booster packs, that hold 20 cards each. The booster packs included all have their own theme, and have one of 121 possible card lists, meaning there are over 14,000 possible 40-card decks. Jumpstart is the home to several cards throughout the history of MTG, as well as 37 brand new cards that make their debut. The Magic: The Gathering Jumpstart Booster Box was released on July 17, 2020.
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