2019 Panini Unparalleled Football Hobby Box


Unparalleled features a total base set of 300 cards, comprising 200 veterans and 100 rookies. Similar to the 2018 edition, the base set will feature the first officially licensed cards of more than 60 veterans! All base cards feature the following parallels:
- Base - not #’d
- Base Flight - not #’d
- Base Groove - not #’d
- Base Astral - #’d/200
- Base Infinite - #’d/150
- Base Whirl - #’d/100
- Base Impact - #’d/75
- Base Hyper - #’d/25
- Base Fireworks - #’d/5
- Base Burst - #’d/1
- Base Galactic - one per case, on average!

Rookies boasts a roster of 100 players from the 2019 NFL Rookie Class. On average, each pack will deliver two rookies. Each card is printed on a vivid holographic paper and features the following parallels:
- Rookies - not #’d
- Rookies Flight - not #’d
- Rookies Groove - not #’d
- Rookies Astral - #’d/200
- Rookies Infinite - #’d/150
- Rookies Whirl - #’d/100
- Rookies Impact - #’d/75
- Rookies Hyper - #’d/25
- Rookies Fireworks - #’d/5
- Rookies Burst - #’d/1
- Rookies Galactic - one per two cases, on average!

Unparalleled has always focused on rookies, and 2019 is no different. Look for the top rookies in Rookie Focus!
- Rookie Focus Groove - not #’d
- Rookie Focus Whirl - #’d/100
- Rookie Focus Impact - #’d/75
- Rookie Focus Hyper - #’d/25
- Rookie Focus Burst - #’d/1

Look for some of the biggest names in the 2019 NFL Rookie
Class in Rookie Jersey Autographs! This insert features a swatch
of authentic memorabilia and an autograph. The Rookie Jersey
Autographs insert also features the following parallels:
- Rookie Jersey Autographs - not #’d
- Rookie Jersey Autographs Astral - max #’d/150
- Rookie Jersey Autographs Impact - max #’d/75
- Rookie Jersey Autographs Hyper - max #/d/25
- Rookie Jersey Autographs Fireworks - #’d/5
- Rookie Jersey Autographs Burst - one-of-one
- Rookie Jersey Autographs NFL Shield - one-of-one
- Rookie Jersey Autographs Tag - one-of-one
- Rookie Jersey Autographs NFL Shield Logo - one-of-one

Pioneer Penmanship celebrates some of the greatest legends to play the game! Look for autographs from players who played from the 1950s, ‘60s, ‘70s, ‘80s and ‘90s! These cards are sequentially numbered to 99 or less!

Rookie Signatures features a star-studded list of rookie signers!
- Rookie Signatures - not #’d
- Rookie Signatures Hyper - max #’d/25
- Rookie Signatures Fireworks - #’d/5
- Rookie Signatures Burst - one-of-one

Find 10 of some of the most acrobatic players in the league in High Flyers! These cards also feature the following parallels:
- High Flyers - not #’d
- High Flyers Groove - not #’d
- High Flyers Whirl - #’d/100
- High Flyers Impact - #’d/75
- High Flyers Hyper - #’d/25
- High Flyers Burst - one-of-one

Look for memorabilia cards of top NFL players in Undeniable. This 30-card insert features the following parallels:
- Undeniable - not #’d
- Undeniable Astral - max #’d/150
- Undeniable Impact - max #’d/75
- Undeniable Hyper - max #’d/25
- Undeniable Fireworks - #’d/5
- Undeniable Burst - one-of-one

Find these exceptional die-cut inserts in Unparalleled! Star Factor features 10 of the biggest names in the NFL in a short-print die-cut design! Look for Galacticversions! This insert is SP and falls one-per-case on average!

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