2019 Gold Rush Touchdown Autographed Football Memorabilia box DUAL Random Team Group Break - Joey Bosa Full Size Speed Helmet

16 Spots per Break. (Slots #1-#16)


 Buyer will choose their slot for the break.  We will then take those slots and randomize them 5 times.

We will also take each team in the NFL and randomize those 5 times.

 From there, we will pair the two lists up and that will be the teams each buyer gets in the break.


 The customer will receive any cards from their teams.  In the event of hits containing 2 or more players from different teams, Random.org will be used to randomize that card between the associated teams!

 In the event of a an All-Star/Pro Bowl/Collegiate hit or All-Star/Pro Bowl/Collegiate team, the hit will be given to the team that the player currently plays for at that point in time. If that player is retired, that hit will be given to the team the player was on for the longest

 Please note that it is possible to go hitless in a break. If the product has a small number of cards/items, or less items than spots, some spots will not receive a hit.

This break will go live within 24 hours of being filled. You may view the break live on our YouTube channel (SteelCityBreakRoom) and it will be uploaded to our channel after its completion

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