2019/20 Panini Select UEFA Euro Soccer Hobby Box

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2019/20 Panini Select UEFA Euro Soccer Hobby Box

Product Summary:

- The Select brand returns to the soccer hobby for 2020 after several very popular past editions. This time, however, the opti-chrome brand will be dedicated to perhaps the most popular regional soccer tournament in the world, the UEFA European Championship! The UEFA Euro 2020 Official Select Preview Trading Card Collection by Panini will feature the 20 national soccer teams that qualified for the tournament prior to the final playoff rounds. Accordingly, the collection will include all of the best footballers on those teams, such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Kylian Mbappe, Eden Hazard, Harry Kane, Luka Modric, Christian Eriksen, and Virgil van Dijk, among many more!

- UEFA Euro 2020TM Select Soccer contains a variety of special inserts to collect. From X Factor and Top of the Class, to Equalizers and Access Denied, they highlight the best of the best in European football! Also search for Team Crests, Squads, and Visionary insert cards, but those are short-printed, so they’ll be more difficult to find.

- Look for authentic autographs of European stars of the past and present in Select Signatures and Historical Significance, as well as special dual auto cards in Past and Present and Tandems!

- For collectors after authentic memorabilia, the Hobby version of UEFA Euro 2020TM Select will be the only place to go! Watch for auto/mem cards in Patch Autographs, single-swatch mem cards in Select Stars and Triumph, as well as two-swatch mem cards in Dual Jerseys, all exclusive to Hobby boxes.

Inside The Box:

- 1 autograph

- 1 memorabilia

- 11 base set parallels

- 1 insert/insert parallel

Product Configuration:

- 5 cards per pack

- 12 packs per box

Product Details:

As has become characteristic of the Select brand, the 300-card Base Set of UEFA Euro 2020TM Select is made up of three tiers of 100 cards each, with each tier having its own distinct design and parallel scheme.

All 24 national soccer teams that qualify for the tournament will be represented in the Base Set.

Look for four special inserts that are available only in Hobby boxes of Select: X Factor, Top of the Class, Access Denied, and Equalizers!

Select Signatures features autographs of some of the biggest names in European football! Watch for stars such as Robert Lewandowski, Cristiano Ronaldo, Harry Kane, Sergio Ramos, Thibaut Courtois, Luka Modrić, Manuel Neuer, and many more!

The Patch Autographs, found only in Hobby boxes, are perhaps the highlight of UEFA Euro 2020 Select Soccer! With autos and mem of a limited number

of the best and brightest European footballers, these cards are epic keepsakes! Look for players such as Cristiano Ronaldo, Marcus Rashford, Olivier Giroud, Ivan Rakitić, Gareth Bale, and Luka Modrić in this set.

Hobby-only Triumph cards include a large piece of authentic memorabilia and feature celebratory photography of some of the best footballers in Europe. Search for players including Gareth Bale, Paul Pogba, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Alvaro Morata, among others!

The most challenging cards to find in UEFA Euro 2020TM Select Soccer are the three short-printed inserts: Squads, Team Crests, and Visionary. The one-of-one parallels of these cards will be available only in Hobby boxes!

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