Pokemon Sun & Moon Ultra Prism Booster Box

Pokémon Ultra Prism is the fifth main expansion in the Sun & Moon series of the Pokémon TCG. The set adds more Generation VII Pokémon cards and Pokémon-GX cards to the TCG. The set list totals 173 Pokémon cards with 17 of them being Secret Rares. The most valuable cards in the set include Lillie Full Art, Cynthia Full Art, Solgaleo-GX Secret Rare, and Lunala-GX Secret Rare. The Pokémon Sun & Moon Ultra Prism Booster Box comes in the standard format with each box containing 36 Pokémon Ultra Prism Booster Packs, and each pack holding 10 Pokémon cards. Pokémon Sun & Moon Ultra Prism first released on February 2, 2018. This is an English Language Pokémon product.
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