2017 Topps Archives Baseball Blaster Box



This year's autograph checklist will feature an array of baseball personalities and short-printed subjects along with the Fan Favorites and active MLB greats to which Archives is accustomed.

Fan Favorites Autographs
Featuring ON-CARD autographs of baseball personalities, fan favorites, retired greats and active MLB stars on vintage Topps card designs.
- Peach Parallel: sequentially numbered.
- Blue Parallel: sequentially numbered.
- Red Parallel: numbered to 25. NEW!
- Gold Parallel: numbered 1/1.

1960 Rookie Star Autographs
Featuring ON-CARD autographs of the year's biggest rookies on the renowned 1960 Topps Rookie card design. Sequentially numbered.

Topps Originals Autographs
Featuring an assortment of buybacks from throughout the decades. Cards will be foil stamped as Topps Originals and signed ON-CARD. Sequentially numbered.

Derek Jeter Retrospective Autographs
All of the DEREK JETER RETROSPECTIVE INSERT and DEREK JETER RETROSPECTIVE INSERT SHORT PRINTS subjects except for the 2007 variation will receive an ON-CARD autograph. Cards will feature the Derek Jeter special edition foil stamp, which will be silver on the base auto. Base versions will be sequentially numbered to 5 with a 1/1 black foil stamp parallel.


2017 Archives will celebrate Topps' renowned 1960, 1982, and 1992 designs across a 300-card base set. Look for a limited number of unannounced card variations, themed accordingly.

Base Cards
1960 Topps
1982 Topps
1992 Topps

Base Card parallels will include an additional low-numbered variation in 2017:
- Peach Parallel: sequentially numbered.
- Blue Parallel: sequentially numbered.
- Red Parallel: sequentially numbered to 25. NEW!
- Black Parallel: numbered 1/1.

Up to 20 Base Card Variations will also be included in this year's release and will feature subtle differences from the Base Card. Limited.


2017 Topps Archives Baseball will feature insert card subsets highlighting wide-ranging genres of trading cards.

Derek Jeter Retrospective:
Topps will be adding a DEREK JETER RETROSPECTIVE INSERT subset to the 2017 Archives release!

Derek Jeter Retrospective Insert
This subset will recreate an iconic Topps card from Jeter's prospect and MLB playing career on paper tech.  There will be 21 cards in the set. Each card will feature a Derek Jeter special edition foil stamp, which will be silver on the base versions.
Parallels for the set include:
- Blue foil
- Green foil
- Gold foil
- Red foil
- Black foil

This set will fall across all retail SKU's and there will be one per value box!

Derek Jeter Retrospective Insert Short Prints
In addition to the 21 subjects listed above, 3 subjects will be short-printed.  These cards will be the 1993 Topps Draft Pick card, the 2015 Topps card , and the 2007 Jeter short-print variation that included Mantle/Bush . Base versions continue to feature a silver foil Derek Jeter special edition stamp.
These short prints will be paralleled on the foil stamp:
- Green foil
- Gold foil
- Red foil
- Black foil

Additionally, Retail Value Boxes will be the exclusive home of 1980s-themed Topps Coins. Guaranteed 2 per Value Box.

1959 Topps Bazooka Baseball
Based on the 1959 Bazooka Baseball oversized box bottom cards. Resized to fin within packs and featuring a mix of MLB retired greats and active stars.

2016 Retro Original
A vintage-themed design new to the 2017 release, featuring elite veteran greats.
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