2016 Topps World Series Chicago Cubs Champ Box Set - Box

Celebrate the Cubs' World Series with this exclusive 25 card limited edition set!

WS-1 Kyle Schwarber
WS-2 Anthony Rizzo
WS-3 Kyle Schwarber
WS-4 Jake Arrieta
WS-5 Aroldis Chapman
WS-6 Wrigley Field
WS-7 David Ross & Anthony Rizzo
WS-8 Kris Bryant
WS-9 Aroldis Chapman
WS-10 Kris Bryant
WS-11 Addison Russell
WS-12 Dexter Fowler
WS-13 David Ross
WS-14 Ben Zobrist
WS-15 Chicago Cubs
WS-16 Willson Contreras
WS-17 Jon Lester
WS-18 Addison Russell
WS-19 Kris Bryant
WS-20 Ben Zobrist
WS-21 Anthony Rizzo
WS-22 Javier Baez
WS-23 Jake Arrieta
WS-24 Kyle Schwarber
WS-25 Aroldis Chapman
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