2015 Topps Series 1 Baseball Blister 12 Pack Lot

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The biggest base set in a decade! 350 base cards, featuring Veterans, Rookies, Future Stars, League Leaders, 2014 Baseball and World Series Highlights, and Team cards.

All 350 base cards will receive the following parallels:
- Gold - Sequentially numbered to 2015.
- Snow Camo - Sequentially numbered to 99.
- Pink - Sequentially numbered to 50.
- Platinum - Numbered 1/1.
- Rainbow Foil Parallel

- Inspirations 15 dual subject cards featuring a current player and a former fan-favorite from the same team. 
- Free Agent 40 Free agency is 40 years old. These 15 cards take a look at some of the biggest signings in history.
- Archetypes Featuring 25 players from throughout the history of MLB who were the best at what they did. 
- Highlight of the Year Throughout 2015, in Series 1, 2, and Update Series, the highlight of each year since 1925 will be featured. 30 will be found in Series 1. 
- Baseball/History The history of baseball is intricately intertwined with history itself, and this insert brings that into focus. Thirty cards will pair a baseball highlight with a historical event that occurred on the same day. Each event will have its own card for 15 total pairs. 

- Archetypes Autograph Relics 
- Highlight of the Year Autograph Relics 
- Inspirations Dual Autograph Relics
- Gallery of Greats Autograph Relics
- Free Agent 40 Autograph RelicS
- World Series Champion Autograph Relics
- Postseason Performance Autograph Relics
- Strata Signature Relics - They're back!

- Career High Autographs Autograph cards recognizing the career high in stats of stars of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
- Archetypes Autographs
- Highlight of the Year Autographs
- Inspirations Dual Autographs - Two autographs per card!
- Baseball/History Cut Signatures - Featuring cut signatures from key participants in some of the most important events in history.
- Free Agent 40 Autographs
- World SERIES Champion Autographs - Featuring members of the 2014 World Series ChampionsTM with an autograph.
- Postseason Performance Autographs - Featuring stars from the 2014 Postseason with an autograph.
- Strata Cut Signatures

- Career High Relics - Relic cards recognizing the career high in stats of stars of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.
- Archetypes Relics
- Highlight of the Year Relics
- Inspirations Dual Relics
- Baseball/History Stamps - Each of these cards will have a stamp variation featuring a stamp from that year.
- Free Agent 40 Relics.
- World SERIES Champion Relics
- Postseason Performance Relics

The Pennant Chase
- A card will be created for each team. If the team on the card wins the pennant, it can be redeemed for a prize!

2015 Topps Baseball Series 1 returns with everything collectors have come to expect and more!

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