2013 Topps Series 2 Baseball Hanger Pack 8 Box Case

Configuration: 8 boxes per case. 8 packs per box. 72 cards per pack.

Each box contains 72 cards
-63 Base Cards
-1 Chasing History
-4 Chasing History Gold Foil
-1 Code Card
-1 Topps 1972 Mini Card
-1 Chasing the Dream
-1 Emerald Foil Parallel
The Chase continues with 2013 Topps Baseball Series 2, with all-new, Chasing History Jumbo Relic and Dual Relic cards, and The Greatest Chase Relic and Cut Signature Relic cards - celebrating Ted Williams' chase for a .400 season. 2013 Topps Baseball Series 2 has more to Chase than ever before.

BASE CARDS - 330 cards featuring Veterans, Rookies, Cy Young Award Winners, League MVPs, Rookies of the Year, and Record Chasers.

PARALLEL CARDS, randomly inserted:
-GOLD PARALLEL: Sequentially numbered to 2013.
-PINK PARALLEL: Sequentially numbered to 50.
-PLATINUM Parallel: Numbered 1/1.
-DESERT CAMO FOIL PARALLEL: Sequentially numbered in to 99.

INSERT CARDS, randomly inserted:
-1972 Topps Minis: 50 more mini cards featuring the 1972 Topps design.
-Chasing History: 50 cards featuring active and retired players who are chasing or have chased history.
-Making Their Mark: 25 cards featuring future stars celebrating their first home run or win.
-Cut to the Chase: 25 stunning die-cut chrome cards
-Chase it down: 15 cards featuring stunning photography of players making some of the best catches of the year.
-World Baseball Classic Stars: Featuring 15 of the biggest stars from around the world representing their countries in their World Baseball Classic uniforms.

-1972 Topps Minis Relics: 15 subjects- Sequentially numbered to 25.
-Chasing History Relics: Over 50 subjects.
-Chasing History Relics Gold Parallel - Numbered to 99.
-Chasing History dual relics: 15 cards featuring two players chasing similar history and a relic for each - Sequentially numbered to 50.
-Chasing History jumbo Relics: 20 subjects - Sequentially numbered to 20.
-Making Their Mark Relics: 15 subjects.
-Cut to the Chase Relics: 10 subjects - Sequentially numbered to 25.

The Ultimate Chase Cards - 20 more individually designed and constructed cards will feature some of the biggest active and retired stars, with an autograph and a unique relic, or a cut signature and a unique relic.

Look for these great Autographed inserts, at random in packs:
-Chasing History Autographs: Over 40 subjects.
-Chasing History Autographs Gold Parallel -Numbered to 10.
-Chasing History Cut Signatures: 20 subjects - Numbered 1/1.
-Making the Autographs: 10 subjects.
-Cut to the Chase Signatures: 5 subjects - Numbered to 10.
-Chase it Down Autographs: 5 subjects - Numbered to 10.
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