2013 Topps Archives Baseball Hobby 10 Box Case


Featuring Retired Stars, Veterans and Top Rookies
- 1972 Topps Design / Card Numbers 1 - 5 0
- 1982 Topps Design / Card Numbers 51 - 100
- 1985 Topps Design / Card Numbers 101 - 15 0
- 1990 Topps Design / Card Numbers 151 - 200
- 201-250 Fan Favorites Short Prints

Fan Favorites Autographs
- Cards featuring classic Topps designs with an all new photo from the era, with an on-card autograph.

Triple Autograph
Featuring players from the '70s / '80s / '90s.

Topps Originals
- Vintage cards will be signed and numbered to 10 and include a Topps Originals foil-stamped logo. HOBBY ONLY

Framed Autographed 1973 Minis
- Cards will be signed on-card on the 1973 design. Subjects include reprints as well as current stars. #'d to 25. HOBBY ONLY

1960 Topps Relic Cards
- Featuring both active and retired stars with a unique die cut.

Cut Signatures
- Celebrities from the 1980s

Mini Tall Boys
- Modeled after the 1965 Topps football design. Featuring both active and retired MLB players. NEW!
- Autographs Fan Favorites sign on card. #'d to 25

1969 4-in-1 stickers
4 subjects per card, featuring active & retired players NEW!

Active and retired MLB players are featured on the 1972 Topps Basketball design NEW!

1983 Topps All-Stars
- Modeled after the 1983 Topps All-Star subset 1983 All-Star Card NEW!
- Autographs Featuring sticker autographs. #'d to 5 or less

Topps Originals - Vintage Topps buybacks.

Topps Originals Redemption - These cards can be redeemed for original cards, packs and complete sets

Topps Vault Redemption - These redemptions will be good for items from the Topps Vault.

Insert Printing Plates - HOBBY ONLY!

1971 Topps Greatest Moments #'d to 99
- Autographs: Sticker autographs #'d to 10 or less

Case loaders
- Topps contracts from the Topps Vault

Touched by Greatness
- Showcasing the on-card handprint of some of the best MLB players.

Archives Gold
- Gold Rainbow foilboard parallel. #'d to 199

Base Card Printing Plates
- Printing plates of each base card subject. HOBBY ONLY!


Archives Baseball looks awesome and we are going to make it even better! In addition to the already-solicited product including amazing designs and awesome hits, we are going to completely knock it out of the park with the following BIG additions!

1998 Stadium Club Triumvirate Illuminator
- Collect all 3 players from each team to complete the Triumvirate

Heavy Metal Autographs
- Autographs featuring Heavy Metal rock stars from the '80's. Including Tommy Lee, Sebastian Bach and Dee Snider. NEW!

Real Metal Autographs
- Printed on metal and #'d to 25. NEW!

Gallery Of Heroes
- Gallery of Heroes. NEW!

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