2013 Historic Autographs The Decades 1970s Baseball Box

Configuration: 1 pack per box. 1 cut signature card per pack.

- 1 Cut Signature card per pack
- 1 pack per box, 10 boxes per case
- There are only 200 master cases

- Each 10-box case will include 5-box inner cases; one 5-box inner featuring the 1940s and the other inner featuring the 1970s

- Historic Autographs is continuing a BUYBACK program, wherein special BUYBACK cards will be inserted with select autographs detailing how to sell the card back to Historic Autographs - thus setting a baseline for "values" on the open market .

- As with our previous Decades issue, each series contains 100 cards and includes every hitter that won a batting title, HR crown or RBI title during the decade, every pitcher that lead the league in either wins, ERA or strikeouts; all the MVPs and Cy Young Awards winners and many of the HOFers from the decade

- The strength in the checklist lies in the strength of each decade - and the 1940s & 1970s are LOADED with high-end talent.

- All cards are numbered to 25 or less each two having at least complete sets available.

- There are no 1-of-1 cards so all players will be found multiple times within the specific series.

- All cards will be authenticated and encapsulated by PSA/DNA surrounded by a unique Historic Autographs artwork design!

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