2012 Historic Autographs Champions East/Midwest Ed. 12 Box Case


Included will be:
Boston champions:
- 1918 Boston
- 1946 Boston
- 1948 Boston
- 1967 Boston
- 1975 Boston
- 2004 Boston

Philadelphia champions:
- 1929 Philadelphia
- 1950 Philadelphia
- 1980 Philadelphia
- 2008 Philadelphia

Midwest Region champions
- 1932 Chicago
- 1935 Detroit
- 1942 St Louis
- 1948 Cleveland
- 1959 Chicago
- 1967 St Louis
- 1971 Pittsburgh
- 1975 Cincinnati

All of the teams will include twenty different players and will have its own individual PSA Set Registry. All cards with be encapsulated and authenticated by PSA/DNA and will be numerically graded. The PSA/DNA Set Registry will light up with this unique offering . There are already several sets being built for our NY Champions edition and it has only been out a month.

This extremely limited product is available in 12-box cases to stores and distributors. Each 12-box case will include TWO 6-box inner cases . Each 12-box case will have 6-box inner case with East Coast and 6-box inner case with the Midwest teams. The packaging for the two inner cases will be different to distinguish between the East Coast and Midwest versions. With names such as Foxx, Cochrane, Mack, Southworth, Maris, N. Fox, Gordon Musial Goslin, Greenberg and Simmons, there is fantastic value for the collector but Historic Autographs has gone the extra mile and made sure to include some very tough role players for most teams. Players of note include Jack Quinn, Everett Scott, Sam Agnew, Dave Shean, Sam Zoldak, Walter Judnich, Marv Gudat and Pat Malone - with these signatures usually fetching $150-$950 each. That is why we have started our brand new BUYBACK program .
This fantastic release incorporates both Championship teams and tons of Hall of Fame signatures. Essentially, there are 18 subsets in this edition, each having its own PSA/DNA Set Registry for those who are fans of only one of these great teams, which should help both in-store sales and aftermarket resale .
Historic Autographs has chosen different images for each city as the holders for these cards with each team displaying the same city view for uniformity. There are two separate box designs - one for the East Coast and one for the Midwest edition. Historic Autographs has tried to find the highest grade example for all players with most cards grading in the 8-10 range. Our goal at Historic Autographs is to produce an affordable cut signature product that is enjoyable to the consumer as much as it is profitable to the distributors. HA will stay dedicated to making our cut signature/index card products loaded with Hall of Famers but also affordable at every level from the distributor to the customer.
Historic Autographs strides to make the best product possible with every release and to solidify The Champions as a top rated product, Historic Autographs will institute a BUYBACK program for some players. The players included in this program will be those rarities that may not be known to most novice autograph collectors. Players like Jack Quinn, Everett Scott, Sam Agnew, Pete Fox, Waler Judnich, Dave Shean, Sam Zoldak, Eddie Waitkus, Stuffy McInnis, Sam Jones, and Bill Salkeld are some of the rare signatures that will have buyback cards from Historic Autographs issued in the pack with instructions on how to use our BUYBACK program. HA's intention is to help set a baseline "value" from their fantastic pull. There will also be buyback cards issued for the top Hall of Famers and stars such as Babe Ruth, Jimmie Foxx, Mickey Cochrane, Roger Maris, Nellie Fox, Joe Gordon, Billy Southworth, Kiki Cuyler and Connie Mack among others. Cards purchased by Historic Autographs, as part of this new BUYBACK program, will be listed on our website to be sold to collectors who are building one of the Historic Autograph sets.
As always, there will be Loyalty Rewards cards in each box of the 2012 Historic Autographs The Champions - East/Midwest. As our Loyalty program evolves, more items will be added to our website. There will also be a complete checklist in every box.

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