2010 Historic Autographs "In Memory Of" Ed Baseball 8 Box Case

Configuration: 8 boxes per case. 1 pack per box. 3 cards per pack.

2010 Historic Autographs "In Memory Of" Edition

Coming is September 2010; Historic Autographs will issue a unique series featuring only deceased baseball players. Although morose on its face, the product idea is to honor those ball players that have passed and offer collectors a variety of autographs, subsets, inserts and graded autographs of departed players. Contents will included considerable more desirable players than previous issues as well as a "Golden Ticket" graded autograph subset that will include every player in the set as a "1 of 1" graded version to be used in the PSA Set Registry.

Our production run is similar to previous editions but will come in 8-box cases . Each case will include guarantees - Group B player per case, Group C players per case, insert per case and "1 of 1" Golden Ticket cards per case, so every box will have something special. Each box will include one player that passed away between 1996-2010, a player that passed between 1980-1995 and the third card will feature a player with a pre-1980 death date.

Historic Autographs has taken great care putting this product and player lists together. We have listened to the distributors, store owners, consumers and message boards to build the best product possible. The time consuming process to create a player list that includes many rarities and difficult high value players pushed our release date to mid-September.

The very prominent subsets will include a 20th Century Presidents subset, a teammates subset , a Great Champions Teams subset for the Dodgers, Cardinals, Red Sox and Yankees and an interesting subset titled "Way Too Young" for those players that either died tragically or passed away before their time.

Although Historic Autographs has gone to great lengths to put a stronger selection of high value cards, the pricing structure remains the same as our previous edition.

2010 Historic Autographs "In Memory of" Edition

Group A Players :
Note: this is 20% more than previous editions.

Players include:
Babe Ruth
Lou Gehrig
Jimmie Foxx
Ty Cobb
Honus Wagner
Cy Young
Roberto Clemente
Jackie Robinson
Tris Speaker
Napoleon Lajoie
Tony Lazzeri

Dual Cuts :
Babe Ruth/Roger Maris
Jackie Robinson/Branch Rickey
Jimmy Collins/Connie Mack
Connie Mack/Clark Griffith
Ty Cobb/Honus Wagner
Tris Speaker/Napoleon Lajoie

Group B Players :
Note: this is 312% more than previous editions.

Players include:
Baker, Frank
Bancroft, Dave
Bender, Chief
Bottomley, Jim
Boyer, Ken
Clarke, Fred
Cochrane, Mickey
Collins, Eddie
Crawford, Sam
Cuyler, Kiki
Dean, Dizzy
DiMaggio, Joe
Evans, Billy
Faber, Urban
Flick, Elmer
Fox, Nellie
Gordon, Joe
Goslin, Goose
Greenberg, Hank
Griffith, Clark
Grove, Lefty
Hafey, Chick
Hartnett, Gabby
Heilmann, Harry
Hoak, Don
Hodges, Gil
Hubbard, Cal
Klein, Chuck
Klem, Bill
Lombardi, Ernie
Mack, Connie
MacPhail, Larry
Mantle, Mickey
Maris, Roger
Martin, Pepper
McGowan, Bill
McKechnie, Bill
Medwick, Joe
Nichols, Kid
O'Doul, Lefty
O'Malley, Walter
Paige, Satchel
Puckett, Kirby
Rickey, Branch
Simmons, Al
Southworth, Billy
Traynor, Pie
Vance, Dazzy
Vaughn, Arky
Veeck, Bill
Wallace, Bobby
Walsh, Ed
Waner, Paul
Wells, Willie
Williams, Ted
Yawkey, Tom

Dual Autographs will also be available at this level.

Group C Players :
Note: this is 250% more than previous editions.

Players include:
Alston, Walt
Barrow, Ed
Bell, Cool Papa
Carey, Max
Cash, Norm
Day, Leon
Dickey, Bill
Flood, Curt
Frisch, Frank
Furillo, Carl
Giles, Warren
Gilliam, Jim
Harridge, Will
Harris, Bucky
Howard, Elston
Kluszewski, Ted
Kuhn, Bowie
Lindstrom, Freddie
Martin, Billy
McCarthy, Joe
Reese, Pee Wee
Rice, Sam
Rixey, Eppa
Ruffing, Red
Schalk, Ray
Stengel, Casey
Waner, Lloyd
Wheat, Zach

Dual Autographs will also be available at this level.

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