2010/11 Panini Season Update Basketball Box

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- On-Card Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant Autographs
- More than 1,000 On-Card Autographs updating previous Panini releases from the 2010-11 Season
- Green Week featuring swatches of Jerseys worn during past Green Week games
- Find Dual and Triple Rookie Autographs
- Rookie Challenge Materials -Swatches of Material worn in All-Star Weekend Rookie Challenge Game

This was a popular product and concept with a lot of collectors last year. How will this year's installment differ -if at all -from the debut release?
Last year's NBA Season Update was a solid building block that we would like to expand upon this season.The Rookie Challenge, Rookie Duals/Triples and updated Prestige and Rookies and Stars cards will return.Lakers Legacy and Christmas Cards will be swapped out this year with the Throwback Threads, All Stars and Green Week inserts taking their place.The latter two will feature materials that can be linked back to specific games -2010 and 2011 All-Star games and 2009-11 Green Weeks respectively.

As a collector, what one aspect of this product impresses you more than any other?
I'm always excited to give deserving players their due.Unfortunately we can't invite every rookie to the NBA Photo Shoot, however this set lets us feature some of the players that have emerged during the season, such as a Gary Neal Prestige rookie or Landry Fields Rookies and Stars signed patches.

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