2010/11 Panini Elite Black Box Basketball Hobby Box

- All Autographs & memorabilia cards #'d to 149 or less!
- ALL Inserts to 99 or less!

- Find one or more autographs of the following players: Bill Russell, Magic Johnson, Julius Erving, Larry Bird. One of Four Panini Exclusive Players, the 2011 NBA Finals MVP or a Wilt Chamberlain prime material card serial #'d to 10
- One or more Dual Passing the Torch Autographs #'d to 149 or less with manufactured NBA Logoman patches - including some #'d as low as 5!
- Also find Booklet Cards #'d to 25 or less. Find Dynasty five autograph cards of 1969 Celtics and Mid-80's Lakers both numbered to 10.
- Panini introduces Private Signings with Larry Bird & Kareem Abdul-Jabbar on-card autographs, among others!
- Find a 10-card Thunderstruck on-card autographed insert #'d to 10.
- Elite Series Signatures featuring trapped autographs of the NBA's finest, #'d to 49 or less
- Look for the return of the popular Crusade insert with on-card autograph, memorabilia and autographed memorabilia versions, #'d to 149 or less!
- Crusade, Private Signings, Thunderstruck, Black & Blue, Flag Patches and USA Basketball patches inserts are all on-card autographed!


What is the significance of the unique name you selected for this product?

We realize that by naming this product "Black Box" we're setting collector expectations really high as that name carries the biggest of big-ticket connotations with collectors. But based on the incredible content that we've injected into Black Box, I'm certain this is a product that will not just meet those expectations, but surpass them. From five-autograph Dynasty cards to the first ever Panini America basketball booklet cards to the hoops introduction of the popular Crusade insert, this is a truly special debut. We spent a great deal of time developing Black Box and we're really excited about it.

This is clearly a content-driven product. What are some of the things you have in store for collectors?

We understand that the content HAS to be there - and it will be. There is game-worn memorabilia in this set from George Mikan and Wilt Chamberlain. There are Triple Autograph cards from the original Dream Team. There's a Thunderstruck autographed insert in which every card is signed on-card. Dr. J will have autographs and memorabilia in Black Box. Crusade will include memorabilia and autographed versions. But of all the great content in here, I'm most excited about the Booklet cards and the designs. They're truly spectacular. This is definitely high-end and it absolutely lives up to the Black Box name.

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