2009 Tristar OBAK Baseball Hobby Box

Broken into multiple unique subsets the complete 114 card base set is sure to be in high demand. These subsets include:

1) PRO DEBUT - This exclusive logo is for players making their pro baseball card debut in uniform.

2) HISTORY IN THE MAKING - This group of select superstar prospects are proving to be the future of baseball, making their mark in the minors before taking it to the next level!

3) HISTORY'S GREATEST PLAYERS - Own the first-ever Ted Williams Minor League Baseball card! Included in this subset are the greatest players to play the game in their MINOR LEAGUE UNIFORMS! Ted Williams, Stan Musial, Duke Snider, Satchel Paige, Tom Seaver, Nolan Ryan and more!

4) MINOR LEAGUE HEROES AND LEGENDS - This subset features players who made their mark as they came rising through the minor league ranks.

5) MINOR LEAGUE BEST- The Majors have Joe DiMaggio's 56 game hitting streak but did you know that Joe Wilhoit hit in 69 consecutive professional games? Joe Bauman hit 72 home runs in 1954 while playing for Roswell. What Walter Carlisle accomplished in the minor leagues only happened once...an unassisted triple play, BY AN OUTFIELDER!

6) MINOR LEAGUE PLAYER OF THE YEAR - Represented in this subset are the best of the best.

7) GAME CHANGERS - It took these Game Changers and their unique vision to transform the game into what we know today. From Rawlings and Spalding for equipment; to Francis Scott Key & Jack Norworth for penning The Star Spangled Banner & Take Me Out to the Ball Game, to color & gender barrier breakers Bud Fowler & Jackie Mitchell to the Rueckheims & Eckstein for that candy coated Cracker Jack, these men & women helped mold the game of baseball.

8) MULTI-SPORT - Bo Jackson, Sammy Baugh & the great John Heisman all made their marks in both Football & Minor League BB.

9) PRESIDENTS - As we celebrate 100 years of Obak baseball cards, we celebrate the U.S. President in office in 1909, William H. Taft, & the first-ever African-American U.S. President & Commander in Chief during the release of TRISTAR OBAK 2009, Barack Obama.

10) HISTORICAL TEAM COMBOS - Many players have come through the minor league systems over the past 100 years...and now, new prospects come up to carry the torch. ATL fans can enjoy a dual card of Dale Murphy & Jason Heyward, STL fans can celebrate the great Stan Musial & newcomer Brett Wallace, plus Lars Anderson & Boston's newest Hall of Famer Jim Rice to name a few.

11) CELEBRITIES - Not everyone can be a baseball player or own a team. but some do both. Famed Western story writer Zane Grey started as a minor leaguer in the late 1800s before going on to an award-winning writing career. 98 Degrees frontman Nick Lachey got involved as part owner of a Seattle Mariners minor league club, the Tacoma Rainiers, & the legendary Bing Crosby was part owner of the MiLB Hollywood Stars.

12) ORIGINAL IMAGE REPLICAS - Featuring card replicas from the original Obak cards produced starting in 1909.

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