2008 Upper Deck Ultimate Collection Baseball Hobby 15 Box Case

Configuration: 15 boxes per case. 1 pack per box. 3 cards per pack.

- One Autograph, Memorabilia, or Autograph Memorabilia card per pack, on average!
- Four Ultimate Memorabilia Autographs in each 15-pack case, on average!
- Look for 1 Double, Triple, Quad, Six, or Eight Autograph card per case!

Regular Set Cards
- Base Set 100 cards

Game -Used Jumbo Swatch Autographs-Signature on the Swatch!!
- Ultimate Wide Cut Bat Barrel Autographs
- Ultimate Memorabilia Autographs- Home Jersey
- Ultimate Memorabilia Autographs- Road Jersey
- Ultimate Memorabilia Autographs- Pants
- Ultimate Memorabilia Gold Autos- Home Jersey
- Ultimate Memorabilia Gold Autos- Road Jersey
- Ultimate Memorabilia Gold Autos- Pants

Game- Used Jumbo Swatches
- Ultimate Jumbo Jersey Swatch
- Ultimate Jumbo Patch Swatch

Memorabilia Autograph Cards
- Ultimate Double Memorabilia Autographs
- Ultimate Triple Memorabilia Autographs
- Ultimate Double Prime Memorabilia Autographs
- Ultimate Triple Prime Memorabilia Autographs
- Ultimate Quad Prime Memorabilia Autographs

Ultimate Rookie and USA Baseball Memorabilia Autograph Cards
- Ultimate Rookie Memorabilia Autographs
- Ultimate Rookie Memorabilia Gold Autographs
- Ultimate USA Baseball Jersey Autographs

Memorabilia Autograph Cards
- Ultimate Triple Memorabilia Autographs

Wide Cut Bat Barrel Swatches
- Ultimate Bat Barrels

Quad Swatch Memorabilia
- Ultimate one player Quad Swatch Memorabilia
- Ultimate one player Quad Prime Swatch Memorabilia

Multi Player Signatures
- Ultimate Double Autographs
- Ultimate Triple Autographs
- Ultimate Quad Autographs
- Ultimate Six Autographs
- Ultimate Eight Autographs

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