2008 Topps Moments & Milestones Baseball Hobby Box

Configuration: 18 packs per box. 6 cards per pack.

* Every Base and Parallel card is sequentially numbered to 199 or less.
* Two autographed cards per box.
* 18 Parallel cards per box.
* NEW! Blue Parallel numbered to 10.

Moments and Milestones returns in 2008 highlighting even more extraordinary player achievements and milestones. Every card in this set represents an individual moment that led to a player's major career milestone.

This is the ultimate player collector's set! Each card number is a set within a set, featuring up to 762 different variations on that card number! And every Milestone Base and Parallel card is sequentially numbered.

* Veteran - Career milestones of 113 Superstars featured on 188 different themed cards, each sequentially numbered to 199. Barry Bonds' record-breaking 762 career home runs and baseball's newest members of the 500 home run club - Alex Rodriguez, Frank Thomas, and Jim Thome - are featured!

* Rookies - 25 rookies are highlighted with three milestones each, for 75 different cards, including Luke Hochevar, Clay Buchholz, and Joey Votto. Sequentially numbered to 199.

PARALLEL CARDS - 1 per pack! All 188 Milestones are paralleled and sequentially numbered to 33 or less.
* Red - One of one.
* NEW! Blue - Seq. #'d to 10.
* Black - Seq. #'d to 32.

* Veteran Autographs
* Rookie Autographs - Including Boston Red Sox Rookie Clay Buchholz.

The 20 rookie subjects are available in the following parallel versions:
* Red - One of one.
* NEW! Blue - Seq. #'d to 10.
* Black - Seq. #'d to 33.

PRINTING PLATES - Each is a one of one!
* Milestone Printing Plates - The 4 plates used to make all 188 Milestone cards for a total of 752 plates.

* Autographed Milestone Printing Plates - The 4 plates from all 60 Rookie and Milestone Autographed cards, with signatures. 240 autographed plates in all.

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