2008 Sport Kings Series B Box

More Autograph Cards
Series A featured autographed cards on a 1.25 per box ratio and memorabilia cards at a 1.75 per box ratio. The ratios in Series B will be autograph cards 1.75 per box and memorabilia cards 1.25 per box on average.

Rare Cut Signature Cards
Sportkings Series B will feature some of the rarest cut signatures in the hobby. There will be six different Cut Signature insert sets: Founding Fathers, Presidents and Players, Vintage Papercuts, Sportkings at the Movies, Papercuts, and 1933 The Year.

Each inset set features some of the rarest cuts in the hobby.
Founding Fathers - John S. Douglas, The Marquis de Queensberry - Boxing's Founder.
Sportkings at the Movies - Heavyweight Champion Jack Johnson who was portrayed in the movie "The Great White Hope".
Vintage Papercuts - 1933 Sport King William Tilden Jr.
Papercuts - Payne Stewart.
Presidents and Players - Theodore Roosevelt.
1933 The Year - Features notable individuals from 1933 including songwriter Irving Berlin.

More Limited Memorabilia Cards
By increasing the number of autograph cards in Series B, Sportkings were able to reduce the number of memorabilia cards, thus the production numbers of many of the memorabilia inserts have been reduced drastically. Many of the insert sets have 9 silver versions and 1 gold. Some have 20 silver versions and 10 gold versions and the least limited insert set has 30 silver versions and 10 gold versions. Compare to Series A and you can see how limited the memorabilia cards will be.

Redemptions for 1933 Sport Kings Gum Cards and Pack
Redemption cards will be in Series B packs to be redeemed for original graded 1933 Sport Kings Gum cards and one lucky collector will receive a redemption card for a complete grade pack of 1933 Sport Kings Gum.

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