2008 Press Pass Basketball Hobby 16 Box Case

- The first set to feature the top 2008 rookies.
- PRESS PASS SIGNINGS - The first autographs from the newest rookie class. AT LEAST 5 ON-CARD AUTOS IN EVERY BOX!
- GAME DAY GEAR - Game-worn college jersey cards from the top 2008 rookies!
- Seven levels of autographs to collect, including Power Picks and Class of 2008, as well as Teammates Autos, which feature sigs of 2 players from the same school.
- Three levels of Game-Used Collegiate Jersey Cards.
- Expanded 65-card base set including 5 subsets.

PRESS PASS SIGNINGS - Inserted 1:6 packs Hobby.
Four Levels:
- Bronze - Features each player's school logo.
- Silver - Includes each player's uniform number and is seq. #'d to 199.
- Gold - Includes an "X's and O's" pattern and is seq. #'d to 99.
- Blue - The rarest level, features a second player image and is seq. #'d to 50. Hobby Only!

Look for randomly inserted red ink and nickname variations, a Press Pass tradition!

TEAMMATES AUTOS - Dual autographs of two rookies who were teammates in college. 1:30 Hobby.

GAME DAY GEAR - Game-worn jersey cards from the hottest new rookies. Three levels of sequentially numbered memorabilia cards. Inserted 1:30 Hobby.

POWER PICK Subset - Short printed subset . Inserted 1:5.
- POWER PICK AUTOGRAPHS - Autographed parallel seq. #'d to 199.

CLASS OF 2008 - Inserted 1:10.
- CLASS OF 2008 AUTOGRAPHS - Autographed parallel.

GOLD PARALLEL - Hobby-Exclusive parallel of the first 70 base cards. Inserted 1:1 Hobby.

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