2006 Upper Deck Epic Baseball Hobby Box

Configuration: 5 packs per box. 3 cards per pack.


* Featuring one low numbered game-used or autographed card in every pack!
* Every pack will contain a memorabilia card numbered to 199 or less or a low-numbered autographed card numbered to 45 or less!
* Many memorabilia cards contain 3, 4 or 8 swatches per card of legends and current players! One multi-swatch memorabilia card in every box!
* Also featuring one of the strongest checklist ever in an Upper Deck product bearing only the greatest legends of the past and brightest current stars!
* Very limited 300 card set printed on rainbow mirror board with all cards numbered to 450!
* Look for the rare Four-Barrel memorabilia cards that feature game used bat barrels from 4 legends or current stars!
* Complete the "Epic Quest"! The first 4 collectors to send in the complete 400 card set will receive all 300 printing plates used to make the set!

Game-Used/Autograph Cards - Combine for 1-hit per pack

* Epic Materials Memorabilia - Varied numbering up to 199
* Epic Pairings Memorabilia - Numbered to 99
* Epic Triple Materials - Numbered to 99
* Epic Foursome Fabrics - Numbered to 50
* Epic Awesome Eight Materials - Numbered to 10
* Epic Swatch - Numbered to 50
* Epic Endorsements - Numbered up to 45
* Epic Materials Signatures - Numbered to 5
* Epic Four Barrel - Varied numbering up to 5

Numbered Box Break - Featuring the top 100 events in the history of baseball...3 hits per box on average!

* Epic Events - Numbered to 675

300-Card regular set - Numbered to 450

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